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Social Bookmarking Sites

Welcome to the, As you know Social Bookmarking Sites is important today because it improve your website SEO, why ? Because not only give you backlinks but they also engage your content to visitors, and you know Search Engine love content keep updating not only the contents but visitors engagement and activity as well.

What is Social Bookmarking Sites ?

Social Bookmarking Sites is a online services to let the users to save and share the links across World Wide Web, So Social Bookmarking Sites is a simple yet powerful system to let users to bookmarks/save a links and tagging them with some keywords, Social Bookmarking Sites are east to use but some of them require to register for free or paid. Today webmasters use Social Bookmarking Sites for search engine optimization by create dofollow backlinks, here some most high quality and popular social bookmarking sites ,Google +, Digg, Stumble Upon , Xing and much more.

Is pretty easy to use Social Bookmarking Sites you need to input links to your content and start fill the Title, Keyword, Description and some of them require to fill Content Summary form, but be careful to submit same your links information because that can harm your website ranking by submitting same links over and over again.

Advantages by using Social Bookmarking Sites

There some Advantage using Social Bookmarking Sites for users websites, which :

  • 1. Indexing your sites faster.
  • 2. Creating valuable backlinks for your websites.
  • 3. Measure of Quality - if more users bookmarks your pages, the more quality that pages has.
  • 4. Keep your content fresh - Google loves pages have activity between visitors and author.
  • 5. Drive more visitors to your websites.

Nofollow Vs Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

People keep arguing about which better Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites or nofollow one, for me whenever no matter dofollow or nofollow links they provides even it dofollow or nofollow they both important links still links and google will count everything and decide your ranking on search engine. So is wise choice if you use both of them Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites and nofollow one.

  • 1. Dofollow Links is have more fans than his competitor, Dofollow links believed to passing 'Link Juice' which easily to boost your pagerank and ranking on search engine. Because he have many fans many people start to misuse him and the result spam and irrelevant links lead to penalized by search engine.
  • 2. Nofollow Links unlike Dofollow, google said they will not have any influence on website ranking and do not improve your pagerank, but your site still need this link to make it natural on search engine eyes.

Social Bookmarking Sites List

On our list you can determine is that social bookmark good quality or not by looking their status like , Alexa Rank (AR), Pagerank (PR), Domain Authority (DA). So check our Social Bookmarking Sites List and we welcome anyone who want to suggest their valuable Social Bookmark sites into our list by using our submission form.

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